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In 1999 Bill Gates published a book about Corporate America called ‘Business @ The Speed Of Thought’, that discussed “…how business and technology are integrated, and explains how digital infrastructures and information networks can help someone get an edge on the competition.”

Now 20 years later with the evolution of a global digital society and speed of life Best Tech For Me believes it is now Business @ The Speed Of Alerts!  As a curator of the Best Technology that promotes the power to live your best life - Best Tech For Me will bridge the Top 100 consumer tech companies and their products to the interest of millions of people that desire to be notified by an alerted on their phone for;
1. New Tech Products, Apps and Services
2. Special or Exclusive Pricing Discounts
3. Unforgettable BOGO Offers and So Much More

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1. Best Tech For Me General Daily Alert 1:00 PM EST.
2. Best Life TV - Updated Daily - Only 30 1-Min Tech Promo Spots
3. 8 Key Tech Video Promo Categories - Only 10 Spots Each
4. Your Blog RSS Feed Shared In Our App On Blog Tab

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